The Tennessee Space Grant Consortium (TSGC) will encourage, enhance and play the the leadership role in developing the space and aeronautical educational and technological resources of the State of Tennessee according to a plan that reflects NASA objectives and interests as stated in the NASA Strategic Plan, the Education Strategic Implementation Plan and the Space Grant Strategic Plan.

Mission and Goals
The mission of the TSGC is to enhance the space technology base in the State of Tennessee by working with industry, K-12 educational institutions and college and universities to enhance the aerospace workforce, and with state government to facilitate this objective as stated in the Space Grant enabling legislation.

To enhance education at all levels in the state: K-12, community colleges, technical colleges and institutes, colleges and universities. To this end, we will develop the optimal network of universities, state governmental offices, federal agencies and laboratories, museums, teachers organizations, scientific and engineering societies and NASA Centers.

To develop new aerospace-related research and education programs in the state.

To develop a Space Management Program in the state to train people to manage large aerospace projects (viz. to become aerospace project managers).

To lead the nation in Space Nuclear Power research and technology. This will be done with many members and affiliates of the TSGC, both academic and governmental, taking part. TSGC plans to play a leadership role in this area, which is a NASA objective.

To develop an educational and training program in Space Medicine that concentrates on deep space missions and planetary exploration.

To enhance the space technology base in the State of Tennessee. We are in the process of forming a TSGC Industrial Advisory Committee. The Committee has members from the aerospace industry, federal laboratories, USAF, Corps of Engineers, NASA and state government. We have already had marked success in working out an agreement with a fuel cell manufacturer to establish a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research Center at Vanderbilt University. As part of this agreement, the company will build a fuel cell manufacturing facility in Tennessee.

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